Become unstoppable in machine learning

Do you feel like you're missing out on the AI revolution?

Have you tried machine learning but struggle to understand it, apply it, and see where it can help?

Discover how Zero to Deep Learning is helping software engineers conquer machine learning, deploy it in their organizations and become unstoppable.


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1) The one skill engineers need to thrive in 2021

  • The tech boom of the last 10 years and what's coming next
  • What the big 5 tech companies understand
  • How AI is eating software engineering
  • Bad news and good news for software engineers
  • How to thrive in software engineering in the next 10 years

2) Tactics to avoid and principles to embrace

  • What's difficult about learning machine learning
  • FADS methods for learning machine learning
  • Most common mistakes of bootcamps, blogs, and academia
  • How smart engineers use AWES principles to learn faster
  • How to acquire ML skills in no time

3) My top 5 machine learning breakthroughs

  • Why you don't need a PhD in Mathematics
  • Why you don't need to quit your job: the 80/20 of ML
  • The 3 techniques that account for 99% of ML
  • Why 90% of ML is standard software engineering
  • Why accuracy is overrated and what really matters

4) How I stay updated in ML and how you can too

  • The AI / ML window of opportunity
  • What resources I use to keep myself updated
  • How you can stay up to date too
  • What you need to know be successful
  • How Zero to Deep Learning can help you

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Every software engineer should know ML Jargon

Software engineers and engineering managers often struggle with machine learning jargon.

So we created a short pdf explaining the 7 most common machine learning terms. Download it and reference it when approaching machine learning for the first time.


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and download our e-book on the 7 machine learning terms every software engineer should know.

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