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Learn deep learning.
In-person. 5-days. Done!

Hands-on training in San Francisco on machine learning & deep learning
using Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow 2.0.

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What Will I Learn?

Machine Learning Fundamentals

Discover parametric and non-parametric models and apply them to real-world use cases.

  • Forecast numbers with regressions
  • Predict categories with classifications
  • Group data by similarity with clustering
  • Uncover overfitting with validation
  • Select & engineer best features
  • Deal with missing data & scaling

Deep Learning Fundamentals

Dive into neural networks. Overcome the hype and understand their simplicity and effectiveness.

  • Build fully connected networks
  • Learn gradient descent & back-prop
  • Explore deep learning benefits
  • Discover activations & layers
  • Understand multi-class classifications
  • Visualize the network internal layers

Deep Learning Applications

Apply networks to structured and unstructured data, including images, text, and time series.

  • Demystify convolutions for images
  • Forecast with recurrent networks
  • Discover embeddings for language
  • Leverage pre-trained models in apps
  • Re-train them with transfer learning
  • Improve with dropout & batch-norm


Master this machine learning library, understand its logic, powers, and secrets.

  • Benchmarks logistic & decision trees
  • Improve with random forest & SVMs
  • Build pipelines with multiple steps
  • Tune hyper-params with grid search
  • Vectorize text as using transformers
  • Serve models with Flask & Heroku

Keras & Tensorflow 2.0

Accrue extensive practice using the open-source framework developed by Google.

  • Design sequential & functional models
  • Use GPUs to train faster
  • Debug custom models with tf eager
  • Scale to large datasets with
  • Explore and improve with tensorboard
  • Deploy models using tf.serving

Applications / Case studies

Test your knowledge writing code for real-world problems and useful applications.

  • Predict house prices & survival rates
  • Detect language & cluster customers
  • Classify images & find similar ones
  • Forecast energy consumption
  • Classify sentiment & detect spam
  • Deploy an API to locate a phone

Flagship Project

Work on a project with your classmates, supervised by our expert instructors. Use work data or public data and build an end-to-end data product to present and leverage after the boot camp.

Past projects included:

  • an oil field yield model that outperformed the in-house scientists
  • an object recognition mobile app deployed on the phone
  • a bitcoin price prediction algorithm
  • twitter chatbots emulating Donal Trump and Hillary Clinton
  • a medical images classifier outperforming doctors
  • a topic and model for Reddit channels that identified haters and trolls
  • and many more …
Meet Your Instructor

Francesco Mosconi

Francesco is the author of the Zero to Deep Learning book and founder of Catalit Data Science. He works at the cutting edge of machine and deep learning training. Clients include both startups and Fortune 500s. Francesco is a certified Google Developers Expert.

His experience includes:

  • Lead Data Science Instructor at General Assembly and The Data Incubator
  • Data Science Consultant and Trainer at Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Twitter, Wells Fargo, and Sony
  • Trainer at conferences including Pybay, ODSC, TDWI, AINext and MLConf
  • Chief Data Officer and co-founder at Spire, a YC company that invented the first wearable device tracking breathing
  • Joint Ph.D. in biophysics at University of Padua and Université de Paris VI
Train with us. Get results. Apply AI to your work.
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Why Zero to Deep Learning?

The curriculum trusted by tech giants

No longer stuck in the endless beginner phase. Say goodbye to scattered online courses and tutorials. In 5 days, we will guide you through a well-organized curriculum, covering from the fundamentals in Machine Learning to the most advanced Deep Learning content in a coherent and complete journey. You will learn how to confidently train, evaluate, and deploy neural networks in a variety of real-world scenarios.

Our content is continuously updated to reflect the most recent technology and best practices, and that is why the best tech companies train with us.

Hands-on training, mentored by experts

Zero to Deep Learning is 50% theory and 50% hands-on with real-world datasets and problems. It also includes a final project where you get to work in a team on a more advanced topic of your choosing.

Past projects included an oil field yield model that outperformed the in-house scientists, an object recognition mobile app deployed on the phone, a bitcoin price prediction algorithm, and twitter presidential debaters chatbots.

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An immersive learning environment

We create a safe space for you to learn. It isolates you from the daily worries and brings you back the joy and excitement of learning something new. Connect with engineers, data scientists, and industry experts like you.

Our classes are limited in size, and our trainers mentor you 1-on-1 during labs and the final project. This helps you keep motivated and accelerates learning.

Get trained by professionals

Zero to Deep Learning was designed from the ground up by Francesco, Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning and author of the Zero to Deep Learning book.

It is based on the condensed knowledge of the best practices developed at our company, and it has received feedback from hundreds of students from the world's top technology companies. We have trained employees at Microsoft, Twitter, Sony, Wells Fargo, Humana and many more.

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What Our Recent Graduates Say

This bootcamp is a perfect mix of high level concepts, theory and practice. The instructors do a great of job of explaining the various concepts, then seamlessly transitioning into practical labs. The good part is it is catered to a diverse audience. It lets you practice and gather what is state of the art right now!

Senior Engineer

Attended all of the workshops. Probably some of the best instruction I have ever received. The materials are nicely balanced between theory and practice. The teaching style is dynamic and participatory and the quality of classroom discussion is very high. I got a lot out of this.

Chief Data Officer

The workshop got me closer to and working with ML and took away my 'fear of the unknown' when it comes to AI in general, and ML in particular, which effectively made the field and its approaches accessible to me!

Head of Scientific Computing
Revolution Medicines

In-person Bootcamp VS Online course

Ideal for
Incentives aligned to
Zero to Deep Learning
Company sponsored
Time:Get ready to execute in 5 days
Mentoring: In-person. Ask any questions, get it answered immediately by experts.
Ideal for:• Classroom with industry peers
• Away from distractions
• With your boss' support
Incentives aligned to:Professionals who need to learn deep learning fast to be effective in their job.
Ideal for:• Bring you up to speed ASAP
• Empower you with real world solutions
Online Course
Cost: $
‍Out of your pocket
Time: Waste weeks or months trying to acquire knowledge in your free time
Mentoring: None or remote. Stuck waiting for answers. Google your way through problems. Waste time on forums.
Ideal for:• At home, alone
• At night or during weekends
• Plenty of distractions from work/family
Incentives aligned to:Full-time students, low budget, lots of time, too far from San Francisco.
Ideal for:• General high-level understanding
• Cheap and affordable
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Early Bird
  • 5-days in-person training
  • Hands-on labs
  • Cloud GPU during the training
  • Final project
  • Live Slack support
  • Digital copy of our e-book
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Early Bird
  • Standard Package
  • Reception cocktail & dinner
  • 1 month of weekly phone calls
  • 1 month priority support
  • Printed & signed book
  • Screencasts of intro and advanced topics
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  • For teams of 10+ people
  • Discounts on Standard and VIP
  • Custom curriculum
  • Onsite training
  • Variable number of days
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2020 Schedule

Early Bird
Dates:May 4 - 8
Location:San Francisco
Early Bird:April 16
Availability: Open
Dates:June 1 - 5
Location:San Francisco
Early Bird:May 14
Availability: Open

One of the best classes I have participated ever since the college days! The instructor is very knowledgeable and he is not afraid to go into deep and technical discussion. Good mix of theory and hands-on labs. Highly recommended to dive into ML/DL.


I was really impressed at the sheer amount of content we covered in 5 days. There is no comparable course in terms of time effectiveness in learning deep learning to a level where you can brainstorm and apply it to your work.


I came into Zero to Deep Learning with no confidence in my understanding of machine learning and deep learning. Within five days, I feel comfortable continuing my journey to put deep learning concepts into practical use. The class is fast, but you feel so energized I might consider taking it a second time!

Data Analyst
Sunsweet Growers

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Zero to Deep Learning?

You will be hands-on from the first session. Our curriculum is an ideal mix of theory and practice, refined over thousands of hours of training. We deliver content in an engaging, fun, and practical way, and our graduates commonly tell us Zero to Deep Learning is one of the best trainings they have ever attended.

Why a 5-day Bootcamp over online or 1-2 day trainings?

There are many great online courses. Though our students repeatedly tell us online trainings can only develop your practical skills so far. They require discipline to focus and stay on task, with continual distractions from your work, your boss, your family. Short 1-2 day courses are also useful, though immersive 5-day trainings accelerate your skill development the fastest. This is why our course is structured to provide you 5-days of dedicated focus where your work and personal life align to give you the required space to learn. Combined with and our immersive learning environment, you will maximize your practical skill development.

Are there any pre-requisites?

All participants must have:
• At least one year of experience in Python
• Familiarity with notions of Linear Algebra including Matrix Multiplication
• Prior knowledge of Numpy, Matplotlib, and Pandas is strongly advised.
We ask you to self-rate your Python experience in the application. Once you're registered, we will send you pre-work to help you prepare for Bootcamp. It is very important that you complete the pre-work in order to attend.

What is included in the Standard Package?

The Standard Package includes:
• 5-days in-person training led by Francesco Mosconi, expert ML and DL trainer
• Customized hands-on labs developed to maximize your learning
• Curriculum updated to the most recent TensorFlow 2.0
• Ability to download your labs at the end of the training
• Access to a cloud GPU during the training
• Daily expert advisory on your project
• Guest speaker talk
• Self-directed pre-work program to develop your Python skills (if required)
• Live Slack support during the Bootcamp
• Membership of the Zero to Deep Learning Slack and Facebook communities
• One copy of the Zero to Deep Learning e-book
• Breakfast, lunch, all-day refreshments
• A really fun 5-days!

What is included in the VIP Package?

The VIP package is designed for students who are seriously investing in taking their Deep Learning skills to the next level, and they include:
• Everything in the Standard Package
• Reception cocktail & dinner with speaker
• 1 month access to weekly phone calls after the Bootcamp to get you going with your projects in Deep Learning
• 1 month priority support by email and Slack after the Bootcamp
• One signed copy of the Zero to Deep Learning book printed in color pages
• Two screencast covering introductory and advanced topics

Why Python?

Python is the standard in data science and machine learning. It has a very mature set of libraries and a large user base. It's easy to learn, and it's a full-stack programming language that caters to data scientists and software engineers. You can build anything with Python.

Why Keras?

Keras is the simplest deep learning library for Python, and it is fully integrated with TensorFlow. It allows for easy and fast prototyping, it supports most popular model types, and it comes with lots of tools to make deep learning approachable and fun. Also, all our curriculum is based on TensorFlow 2.0, which makes Keras the preferred API for model building.

Why Tensorflow?

Tensorflow is the most popular machine learning and deep learning library, and it allows to perform deep learning at scale. It is conceived for Google-size datasets and deployments, and it has both a high-level and low-level API. Its ecosystem includes much more than neural networks, spanning from probability models to decision trees.

What's your Refund policy?

The following policy is applied to cancellations:
• 100% refund of registration up to 30 days before the first day of course
• 50% refund between 7-30 days before first day of course for a cancellation. Transfer to another course at the discretion of Zero to Deep Learning with the charge of a transfer fee
• 0% refund within 7 days of course for a cancellation. Transfer to another course at the discretion of Zero to Deep Learning with the charge of a transfer fee

Do you offer scholarships?

We currently do not offer scholarships to attend the boot camp.

How can I convince my boss to sponsor me?

Many of our participants come sponsored by their employers. Get in touch with us if you need help with that. Through the years, we helped many of our participants obtain company sponsorship to attend the boot camp.

Do you offer corporate discounts?

Yes, we do! If you have 2 or more colleagues that can join you in the same bootcamp get in touch with us.

Do you offer onsite/custom programs?

Yes, we do! If you have a team of 10 or more colleagues interested in the taking the bootcamp get in touch with us.

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